24/7 loading and unloading of intermodal trains
On the east side of the port of Rotterdam – right by the Betuweroute – RSC Rotterdam loads and unloads dozens of intermodal trains originating from and going all across Europe every day. This loading and unloading on this large rail terminal in the Eemhaven is done from train to truck, from truck to train and among trains. The clients are European rail operators. For them, RSC Rotterdam is the hub in Europe’s main port. If required, we also see to the pre-and post-transport and act as their local agent.

Service for a growing rail sector
The train is the ideal mode of transport for bridging large distances. The Rotterdam – Italy transit time, for instance, is only 24 hours. Compared to road transport, rail transport does not have any toll, fewer weight or transport of harmful substances restrictions apply, and using the train is more sustainable.

Authorities – with the Port of Rotterdam taking the lead – want to increase the share of the railway in the European transport of goods. Rotterdam’s ambition is to increase the market share of the train in the modal share of the port from 11% in 2016 to 20% in 2030.

Active participant in the rail chain
To support our core business –the efficient loading and unloading of intermodal trains – we actively take part in consultation for the efficient arrangement of the often cross-border rail chains. We believe that alignment between all links is the basis of an optimum rail product.