Large rail terminal offers all facilities
RSC Rotterdam has eight tracks of 750 metres length each, works with 4 railmouted gantry cranes, 6 reachstackers and 6 terminaltrucks. Due to the length of the rails and entrances and exits on both sides of the terminal, fast loading and unloading of complete trains is possible, without further shunts.

Customers can bring in and/or collect containers, trailers and swap bodies at RSC Rotterdam by road. On the basis of mainly electronic prior information we prepare each operation thoroughly. We know when each container will be brought and/or collected, which train the container should be in or arrives in and other particularities, such as weight, any present harmful substances, etc. With this information we can draw up an optimum loading and unloading plan for each train.

Pre- and post-transport
At the request of our customers we transport containers via an internal link to the Rotterdam Shortsea Terminal (RST) that is situated next to our rail terminal, SCA terminal and empty depot Kramer vv. We often use our Multi Trailer System for this. With these small trains on rubber wheels we bring up to four 45-foot containers back and forth in one go. We also see to the pre- and post-transport of loading units by road upon request; we do this with fixed transporters.

Versatile agent
For customers without their own office in Rotterdam we can act as local agent. We do this for all occurring activities. From settling customs documents, arranging other customs formalities, drawing up consignment notes and the logistics of empty containers to contact with terminals, shipping companies and dispatching agents. For an optimum service we have offices at the rail terminal of RSC Rotterdam as well as at the Maasvlakte, located next to the large deep sea container terminals.

AEO certified
RSC Rotterdam is AEO certified by customs. This means that we meet strict safety requirements and work according to strict procedures. This enables us to use important customs simplifications that further improve the service for our customers.

EC regulation 2017/2177

In accordance with EC regulation 2017/2177 our services are described in document Service facility information 2019 RSC Rotterdam.