Total power-down RSC Rotterdam during 7/8 July 2018

We would like to inform you about maintenance of our powersupply planned to be executed during 07 and 08 July 2018.

All powersupply of RSC-Rotterdam will be switched off starting Saturday 07 July 23:00hr and re-connected Sunday 08 July 15:00hr. During these maintenance-activities, communicationpossibilites will be zero as consequences to- and from RSC-Rotterdam. This includes also all computer-communications.

During these maintenance-activities, trainmovements will be impossible during 07 July 23:00hr and 08 July 15:00hr. Trains which normally are positioned at RSC-Rotterdam, but have to leave RSC-Rotterdam before 15:00hr 08 July, have to be re-positioned to another location.

Also we ask special attention to reefercontainers. We request all clients to take out all reefercontainers before Saturday 08 July 14:00hr.
Mounting reefers during mentioned timeperiod will be impossible due to lack of power.

If questions remains after reading this announcement, please contact our Customerservice 0031 – 10 4913611  or 0031 – 10 4913685