History: from wagon to wagon to complete shuttle trains
RSC Rotterdam was founded in 1992 as an alternative to unit cargo transport. In this concept, what was at the time NS Goederen collected loose loading wagons all across the port. These were taken to the Kijfhoek marshalling yard east of Rotterdam to make up trains.

The establishment of RSC Rotterdam signified a turnabout. From then on, all activities were concentrated on one intermodal terminal at one central location in the port. Trucks bring and collect containers here, including trailers and swap bodies. RSC Rotterdam subsequently loads and unloads complete trains – so-called shuttle trains – put together by customers, each with one or just a few destinations in the hinterland.

This shuttle train approach enables more efficient working and has also reinforced the competitive position of the railway since this time. The current shareholders of RSC Rotterdam are DB Cargo (51%), Bertschi, Hoyer and Hupac (jointly 49%).