Changed opening hours RSC

As previously announced, from November 1st 2023 the RSC Rotterdam will apply different opening hours for the supply and delivery of units by road:

From Monday morning to Friday evening, units can delivered and picked up from 6:00 AM to 10:00 PM.
From Sunday afternoon at 3:00 PM to Saturday evening at 8:00 PM, units can be picked up.

Please always make sure for a valid TAR code for arriving and dropping off units at the RSC Rotterdam.



RSC mandatory TAR from October 30th

For some time now, it has been possible to pre-notify containers and visits at Rail Service Center (RSC) through the Portbase service ‘Hinterland Container Notification (HCN) Road’. Following the pre-notification, you will automatically receive container status information as well as a TAR-code. You can use this TAR-code to check in at the RSC gate.
To introduce the use of the TAR-code, a trial period commenced on the 16th of October 2023. This trial period has proven successful. As a result, as of Monday, 30th of October 2023, pre-notifying containers and visits by truck is mandated by RSC.
If you have any questions about connecting to Portbase or using the Portbase portal, please contact Portbase’s customer service:

Proef TAR-code bij RSC

From October 15th, Rail Service Center Rotterdam B.V. will start a trial period in which we require units and visits to be reported via the Portbase Melding Container Achterland (MCA-Road). This trial period follows the existing group of carriers who already visit our terminal frequently via a TAR code (45% of our total volume). After pre-notification, the necessary status information is automatically sent and you will receive a TAR code that your driver can use directly at the gate.

In short: NO TAR = NO ACCESS

The EDI provided by the rail operator is leading for handling via TAR. No manual adjustments are made on the RSC side.
A matrix board will be placed with instructions that the terminal is only accessible with a TAR code and traffic controllers will be present (from Monday 06:00 hours) to send drivers without a valid TAR code away.


Opening hours counter and inspection

From next Monday, 24-7-2023 to 8-9-2023, the counter and inspection will be open from Monday to Friday until 10 pm for returning your unit instead of 11 pm.

Picking up your unit alone is also possible  after 10 pm. Use a TAR code or the self  service desk.

Nieuw terminal operating system voor RSC

In het weekend van 23/24 April 2022 gaat RSC Rotterdam over naar een nieuw terminal operating system. (TOS). Deze overgang betekent dat maandag 25 April 2022 niet vanaf 6.00 uur chauffeurs bij de balie/inspectie kunnen worden behandeld maar vanaf 9.00 uur. Aub hier rekening houden met het inplannen van uw ritten naar en van het RSC Rotterdam. Vanaf dinsdag 26 april 2022 gelden weer de normale openingstijden (zie de site uw bezoek aan het RSC) waarin eenheden kunnen worden ingeleverd en worden uitgehaald.

Zie hier voor meer informatie.

RSC geopend voor aan/afleveren eenheden

Beste relatie,

Wij krijgen het bericht door dat de City terminal weer om 17.00 uur (21-2) open gaat voor het aan/afleveren van eenheden.
Dit betekent dat ook het RSC Rotterdam weer open zal zijn voor het aan en afleveren van eenheden.
Zoals bekend is onze balie/inspectie tot 23.00 uur geopend om ook eenheden af te zetten.
Na 23.00 uur is het alleen mogelijk om via de self help desk eenheden op te zetten. ( check wel de website van het RSC Rotterdam of uw eenheid aanwezig is aub)
Vanaf morgenochtend 6.00 uur kunt u dan weer eenheden afzetten, dit zijn de gebruikelijke openingstijden gate/inspectie die bij u bekend zijn.

Dear relation,
We receive the message that the City terminal will open again at 5 pm (21-2) for the delivery/delivery of units.
This means that the RSC Rotterdam will also be open again for the delivery and delivery of units.
As is known, our desk/inspection is open until 11 p.m. to also drop off units.
After 11 pm it is only possible to set up units via the self-help desk. (please check the website of the RSC Rotterdam if your unit is available)
You can then drop off units again from 6 a.m. tomorrow, these are the usual opening times gate/inspection that are known to you.

Communicate as much as possible by e-mail during COVID-19

Due to the current increase of Corona infections and the norms by the Dutch government, we are forced to let our employees work from home as much as possible.

With these measurements we try to limit risks, and to guarantee the continuity of the RSC terminal process and continue providing good service.

Our employees of the departments ; Dataentry, Panning / Agency will start working from their home address starting 1 October.

If you want to have contact with these departments, we advise you to do this from 1 October as much as possible by e-mail. The departments cannot be reached by telephone.

When you want to have telephone contact with these departments, we advise to request that by e-mail. The departments will contact you.

The following mail addresses are available
• dataentry
• planning
• agenturen

It also applies to communicate with the other RSC departments as much as possible by e-mail, to provide that these departments won’t be overloaded.

We hope for your understanding and cooperation,

Carrierdesk and inspection are closed during lunch/diner hours

The carrierdesk and the inspection are closed during lunch/diner hours.

Lunch/diner hours:
Desk (balie) 11:45-12:15 and 19:30-20:00
Inspection 12:00-12:30 and 19:45-20:15

Changed agency opening hours

From Mondays till Fridays between 07.00 and 23.00 hours agency activities will be carried out as usual. During the night and weekend shifts the office is closed for regular agency activities.

  • From Mondays till Fridays between 07.00 and 23.00 please use for agency issues e-mail address and tel +31 10 4913676
  • In case of urgent matters during the weekend and nightshift use e-mail address and tel +31 10 4913645

All agency work for weekend trains must be delivered before 22:00 on Friday to avoid delays in train handling.
If you have any questions, suggestions or comments, please contact our customer service.

Rail transport continues during Covid-19

Rail transport to and from the port of Rotterdam continue unabated. Rail transport is a good alternative to road traffic in these times (minimization of the risk of the virus spreading), certainly because rail does not have any delays at the borders. The handling in the port is going well, rail provides a reliable transport product. […]