Total power-down RSC Rotterdam during 7/8 July 2018

We would like to inform you about maintenance of our powersupply planned to be executed during 07 and 08 July 2018. All powersupply of RSC-Rotterdam will be switched off starting Saturday 07 July 23:00hr and re-connected Sunday 08 July 15:00hr. During these maintenance-activities, communicationpossibilites will be zero as consequences to- and from RSC-Rotterdam. This includes also all computer-communications.

During these maintenance-activities, trainmovements will be impossible during 07 July 23:00hr and 08 July 15:00hr. Trains which normally are positioned at RSC-Rotterdam, but have to leave RSC-Rotterdam before 15:00hr 08 July, have to be re-positioned to another location.

Also we ask special attention to reefercontainers. We request all clients to take out all reefercontainers before Saturday  08 July 14:00hr.
Mounting reefers during mentioned timeperiod will be impossible due to lack of power.

If questions remains after reading this announcement, please contact our Customerservice 0031 – 10 4913611  or 0031 – 10 4913685

Agency office Rail Service Center Maasvlakte will be closed at 15-1-2018

Dear relation,

At 15-01-2018 07.00 hours the agency office of the Rail Service Center on the Maasvlakte will be closed.
Our agency activities will be continued from our office at the Reeweg 35 Rotterdam Waalhaven (port number 2750) in the RST building.
The new telephone numbers will be +31 10 4913674 or +31 10 4913675.
The mailadress of our agency will not be change.

We hope to have informed you sufficiently.

August 26th RSC gate closed at 12:00hr

Saturday 26-08-2017 our temporary gate-office for truckdrivers will move to it’s final location inside the RST-building. To realise the re-location in time, it’s necessary to end our desk-activities at 12:00hr instead of 14:00hr. After mentioned time it’s not possible anymore to handle trucks!

Our truckdesk-activities will be fully operational again starting 23:00hr 27/08/2017 at it’s final location; 1st floor at RST-building. It’s entrance is located next to it’s present location.

Please advise your relations / truckingcompanies.

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